C-arm Systems


The unit with advanced technology high frequency inverter allows to obtain small riple, high contrast, minimum exposure time and low patient dose. Microprocessor control allows a real time setting of kV and mA during the exposure, independently from supply fluctuation. (+/- 10%)


X-ray source in S models is a stationary anode tube, ideal for surgical/orthopeadic use.
R models adopt a housing with rotating anode tube particulary indicated if long fluoroscopy exercises are required alternated to frequent radiographies.
Rotating anode tube in fact allows heightened heat capacity and small focal spot in order to increase geometric definition.
On a LED scale has displayed difference amongacummulated anode heat unites in each exposure and those yielded during inactivity periods; furthermore a warning with LED scale blinking lighting beepse max anode heat capacity.


The extremely versalite collimator is powered and remote controlled with circular iris and paralel multiplates diaphragms.
In fluoroscopy the paralel diaphgrams regulation happens with:
-Aperture closure commands from zero to the max field of intensifier, -+/- 90° rotaion commands;
the iris diagrams regulation happens with:
-Atomatic collimation on the fixed fields of the intensifier, -Aperuture –closure commands between the selected field of the intendifier and zero.
In radiography the diagrams regulation happen with:
Automatic and instantaneous positioning of paralel diaphrams at maximum aperture,
Automatic and instantaneous aperture of iris diaphragms with coverage of a 24 cm diameter field on the cassette placed before the intensifier.
A protection cone sets the minimum focus-patient distance at 20 cm while a removable spacer sets the minimum focus-patient distance at 30 cm.


The command and control unit is integrated in the mobile stand and completely microprocessor controlled.
The command panel is flat with sensitive buttons of easy and rapid cleanliness
The broad range of commands has dublicated on both the sides in order to operate easily at left as at right of the unit.


The is gifted of broad of incidences with five movements in order to allow the best protection and a complete exploration of the patient,
also in the less facilities operative coditions.
The extreme manageability of all the versions has achieved thanks the perfect balancing of the movements.
All the movements are controlled by mechanical brakes of high precision and reability in order to assure the maximum safety for patient and operator.
Sterile covers application, on the arc, the intensifier and the X-ray tube, safeguards the asepsis of the operative field.