About US


About US

Electronic Hasteei founded in 1980 to improve healthcare services inside the country by manufacturing high-end technology products with affordable cost in iran .
It started by focusing on the Medical radiological equipments and establish its facility with more than 30,000 square meter in east of Tehran .
In short time it become leading x-ray company in Iran and even in region by transferring knowhow’s from leading companies in Europe and US.
We are offering Digital Radiography systems with highest image quality and stability.Our Philosophy is simple ,design and produce with maximum quality.


General Radiography Systems

• Ceiling Stand
• Floor Track Tube Stand
• Digital U-arm
• Digital Mobile Radiography
• Vehicle Radiography
• Imaging Parts include of X-ray Tubes ,Collimators, HV Cable, X-ray Grids

RAD/Fluoroscopy Systems

• Digital Remote Control DRF
• Digital Remote Control RF
• C-arm Systems

Dental Radiography

• Dental Panoramic Systems

Veterinary Systems