Vehicle Radiography

Mobile Vehicle Digital Radiography

With radiography systems that are established within the vehicle,radiography shooting can be done in everywhere, safely .
The detectors with a very low temperature and humidity level unlike their competetors, it is possible to turn vehicles such as ;
busses and trucks into radiography imaging center .
Our mobile X-ray rooms were designed for mass chest x-ray examinations of rural population and for-
people in refugee or military camps, for children at schools, etc .
Different characteristics of chassis allow to choose a model which combine with local conditions .
The X-ray rooms body has been made of plastic, enforced by metal construction elements, it has good thermostatic data .
The climate control system adjusts the inside temperature to normal conditions in 15 min .
This mobile room equipment may include autonomous electric power supply system, water supply,
electric climate control system and hot-water heating .
These resources allow to investigate the population far away from settlements during for several days .
The van is divided into two rooms by a transparent polycarbonate parting-wall. In the front part of the van –
the room for medical procedures a digital unit ProScan is installed .
Patients enter the room through one door and leave it through another one,
which makes it possible to increase radically the mobile room’s capacity .
Three people may be in the room for medical procedures simultaneously .
At the reception time a bactericidal irradiator works .
The mobile room is equipped with an energy storage battery to maintain steady voltage for the device,
when it runs on unstable power supply units .
At the customer’s request, the mobile room can be equipped with a mini-power station to enable patient examination far away from power lines .